Responsible Fibre products

Products with a promise of more

Responsible Fibre™ is a stamp of guarantee that the product in your hands meets the most demanding third-party-verified environmental and socially responsible criteria.


M&G Colipu – premium purity

Colipu woodfree copy paper is made from responsibly-sourced pulp. The long-lasting smoothness makes it perfect for archiving and double-sided printing.

Moomin Copy Paper

Living in harmony with nature is a central theme in the stories of Moomin Characters© the same way as responsibility and respect for the environment have always been important for UPM.


Innovating for a future beyond fossils

Responsible Fibre™ is just one of the many ways in which UPM is taking concrete action to build a sustainable future. Find out how UPM is playing an active role to build a better world beyond fossils.


Responsibility at UPM