Responsible Fibre criteria


Turning promises into reality

Responsible Fibre trademark guarantees that the product meets the industry’s most demanding environmental and social responsibility criteria verified by a third party. The trademark meets applicable guidelines for ISO 14021 (Principles of self-declared environmental claims). Paper products carrying the Responsible Fibre trademark need to fulfil the following criteria.


Criteria for paper products with Responsible Fibre trademark

Responsible sourcing
Sustainable forest management and land use
Low emissions from production processes
  • Produced in accordance with Best Available Techniques (according EU’s BAT references for paper)
  • Where applicable, EU Ecolabel certification (regional ecolabel)
Transparent performance
No use of harmful substances
Certified environmental management systems
Safe and encouraging working environment
Social responsibility
Recognized sustainability leader

Innovating for a future beyond fossils

Responsible Fibre™ is just one of the many ways in which UPM is taking concrete action to build a sustainable future. Find out how UPM is playing an active role to build a better world beyond fossils.


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