Rooted in responsiblity

Responsible production requires a systematic approach and co-operation throughout the supply chain. The core of Responsible Fibre™ is in UPM’s performance in four areas of responsibility: Climate, Water, Biodiversity and Society.


Respond to climate change

UPM has a unique opportunity to make a positive impact and help mitigate climate change through tangible actions. We are committed to climate-positive forestry, we will ensure that we always grow more forests than we harvest, and we work to improve our forests’ growth and carbon-absorbing ability.

Responsible Fibre™ criteria

Water flows into the future

Water plays a crucial role in our lives, and it also powers UPM’s operations. 75% of the planet’s clean fresh water can be found within forested watersheds. At UPM, we use a broad array of solutions to manage the impact of forestry on water resources, and we always look to reduce water usage on UPM sites. Responsible Fibre™ ensures local water resources are impacted as little as possible.

Responsible Fibre™ criteria

Biodiversity is the key

Millions of different species make their homes in our forests. Biodiversity is a key environmental driver behind UPM’s planting and harvesting operations, with species-specific projects carried out to ensure a rich and diverse habitat. We have created targets to support the diversity of forest ecosystems, and we take them into practice every day in our operations.

Responsible Fibre™ criteria

Stronger together

From a social point of view, the forest is a resource with multiple benefits. Sustainable use of forests and wood-based innovations create jobs, offer recreation and even food. At UPM, we are committed to social responsibility and creating a positive impact in local communities everywhere we operate, through active cooperation and open dialogue.

Responsible Fibre™ criteria


Innovating for a future beyond fossils

Responsible Fibre™ is just one of the many ways in which UPM is taking concrete action to build a sustainable future. Find out how UPM is playing an active role to build a better world beyond fossils.


Responsibility at UPM