Responsibility has a human face

The ethical conduct of companies has a growing influence on the purchasing decisions we all make as consumers. It also has an effect on which employer we choose to work for. As employees we want to align ourselves with companies and organisations that behave well, treat us fairly and do more for society than just increase their bottom line.

Bad behaviour results in a bad reputation which, thanks to social media, spreads like wildfire. Moreover, investors are changing the way they analyse companies’ performance and are making decisions based on ethical concerns too.  Social Responsibility must be an integral part of the business model. Doing well and doing good can go hand in hand!

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55 % will pay extra for goods from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact (Nielsen's Global CSR report 2014)
67 % prefer to work for socially responsible companies (Nielsen's Global CSR report 2014)
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UPM’s commitment to Social Responsibility is deeply rooted

We have a corporate commitment to responsible and ethical business practices wherever we operate. Moreover, we care deeply about the wellbeing and safety of our employees and suppliers. Creating a positive impact on the local community and society and improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families are UPM’s cornerstones of doing responsible business everywhere.

We are committed to developing the vitality of the communities close to our operations through active co-operation and open dialogue with various stakeholders as well as, for example, through our sponsorships and donations.

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UPM's focus in social responsibility is on:
1. Diversity and Inclusion
2. Continuous learning and development
3. Responsible leadership
4. Ensuring safe and healty working environment and wellbeing of employees
5. Community involvement
Number of lost time accidents decreased by 73 % in 4 years
Supplier code qualified supplier spend 79 %
Employee engagement grows year by year