Resource efficiency, renewability and recyclability are the building blocks of a healthy future

It has been estimated that the current global population of 7.3 billion will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Our only responsible solution is resource efficiency in everything we do both in consumption and production. The smart use of renewable and recyclable materials is the only way to guarantee a healthy future for our planet and everyone living on it. Responsible production requires a systematic approach and co-operation throughout the entire supply chain. Moreover, it involves engaging consumers to make the right choices by providing them with reliable information and ecolabelled products. Responsibility is everybody’s business!

Estimated global population 2050 9.6 billion
Less than 10 % of the world's forests are certified
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The criteria for the Responsible Fibre trademark

Responsible fibres are the main raw material for just about every renewable, recyclable and biodegradable product produced by UPM. Those are important qualities but the Responsible Fibre trademark promises even more than that. The trademark guarantees that the product meets the industry’s most demanding environmental and social responsibility criteria verified by a third party.

Responsible Fibre meets applicable guidelines for ISO 14021 (Principles of self-declared environmental claims).

Paper products carrying the Responsible Fibre need to fulfil the following criteria.

Responsible sourcing
Sustainable forest management and land use
Low emissions from production processes
  • Produced in accordance with Best Available Techniques (according EU’s BAT references for paper)
  • Where applicable, EU Ecolabel certification (regional ecolabel)
Transparent performance
No use of harmful substances
Certified environmental management systems
Safe and encouraging working environment
Social responsibility
Recognized sustainability leader