Protecting the forest to breathe easy

The growing population and the growing need for energy and resources have made fossil greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation some of the biggest drivers in climate change.

Forests are the lungs and the air-conditioning system of our planet. When forests grow, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and absorbed as carbon in wood, leaves and soil. This carbon is stored in the forests as well as in products made of wood (fibres). Trees remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into pure oxygen. About 20% of the volume of Earth’s atmosphere is made up of oxygen and it is a central element of life as we know it.

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About 1000 kg co2 sequestrated by a tree throughout its lifetime
8 threes needed to produce enough oxygen for one person
Over 1000 kg of co2 locked in one tonne of paper
6000 kg of oxygen produced by a tree throught its lifetime
Our body needs 0,5 litres of oxygen every minute
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UPM responds to climate change

Responsible forest management and increasing biodiversity will help to reduce carbon losses and support the forest’s role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. We make more out of less by enhancing resource efficiency and by constantly increasing the share of renewable and low-emission energy in our operations. Our products are renewable and recyclable, and we develop innovative new solutions to meet future demand and to replace non-renewable materials with renewables. Every product carrying the Responsible Fibre trademark is always produced from certified wood raw material, which is legally sourced from sustainably managed forests.

We enhance biodiversity in ecosystems so that they are less vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Can there be a better investment in the future than planting trees? UPM plants 50 million tree seedlings every year and organises ’Plant a tree’ days in many countries around the world.

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We plant 100 trees per minute annually
There are over 1 million hectares UPM-owned certified forests in Finland, USA plantations in Uruguay
78 % of our electricity is free from fossil co2 emissions
2nd largest producer of biomass-based energy in Europe
17 % decrease in electricity consumption per tonne of UPM paper in past 10 years
99 points out of 100 in the nordic disclosure leadership index